Welcome to the SAP Anywhere API v1 documentation.

SAP Anywhere provides APIs (Application Programming Interface) for integrating SAP Anywhere with third-party applications. With these APIs, you can extract your data in SAP Anywhere in the JSON format and develop new applications or integrate with your existing business applications.

The SAP Anywhere APIs are built on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol and follow the REST principle. All the requests to the APIs can be easily performed with the curl command line tool or the Postman Google Chrome app.

This document is divided into below sections:

  • App

This section focuses on most of the common introductions, such as what is a private app, how to create a private app, what is public app, how to create public app, etc.

  • Online Store

SAP Anywhere allows users to create their own online store to sell goods. This section focuses on how to customize online store themes.

  • Email Template

You can send emails to your customers in SAP Anywhere. This section contains all the documents about how to configure your email that sent to your customers.

  • Print Layout

You can print the business object information to a pdf file. SAP Anywhere provides you with default print templates, but you can also edit these templates and then upload them back to the system. This section contains print layout customization related stuff.

  • API Specification

This section introduces the generic explanation about the Open API, such as how to query a resource with a criteria, response code meanings, etc.

  • API Reference

Once you create an app, you can browse through the API references. Each API is explained with possible parameters, request body model, and response body model.